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Comprehensive Transportation Projects

State Route 125 Toll Road (South Bay Expressway)

The South Bay Expressway is a 10-mile stretch of State Route 125 (SR 125) that runs through eastern Chula Vista between Otay Mesa Road and SR 54 in Spring Valley.

The highway provides fast and convenient access to Chula Vista, Downtown San Diego, East County, Otay Mesa, and Mexico. On and off ramps are available at Birch Road, Olympic Parkway, Otay Lakes Road, East H Street, and San Miguel Ranch Road.

As the new operator of the South Bay Expressway, SANDAG reduced prices for using the facility by up to 40 percent effective June 30, 2012. Tolls now range from 50 cents to $2.75 for motorists with FasTrak electronic tolling accounts and from $2 to $3.50 for cash/credit card users. FasTrak customers receive credit toward their minimum monthly toll amount when they use either the SR 125 or the I-15 Express Lanes.

To add new capacity and flexibility to the San Diego regional highway network, SANDAG acquired the lease to operate the toll road in December 2011. The purchase price was $341.5 million, roughly one-third of what a private consortium spent to build it.

SANDAG has different goals from the previous toll road operator, a private, for-profit entity. SANDAG is a public, regional government agency intent on improving mobility in the San Diego region. As a result of public ownership of the highway, the South Bay is getting congestion relief decades sooner than expected. Lower tolls are expected to draw traffic to SR 125, thereby relieving congestion on I-805 and nearby surface streets.

For specific questions related to using the SR 125 toll road, please call the South Bay Expressway Customer Service Center at (619) 661-7070 or visit

For more information about the transaction see the documents below.

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  • Notice of Revisions to the TransNet Extension Ordinance (Swap of I-805 funds)
  • November 9, 2012 - Board Meeting Agenda & Audio (Quarterly Status Report)

    Project Manager

    Ray Traynor, Director of Operations
    Phone: (619) 710-4021, Email:

    For South Bay Expressway FasTrak customer service inquiries, please contact the Customer Service Center at (619) 661-7070 or

    For media inquiries, please contact David Hicks at (619) 699-6939 or

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