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Comprehensive Transportation Projects

Work-Related Travel Survey

SANDAG, in conjunction with HBA Specto Inc., HDR Engineering, and National Data Services, is collecting travel information from over 600 San Diego County businesses from October 2012 to May 2013 as part of a regional work-related travel survey. The survey will assist in the identification and prioritization of transportation infrastructure projects. 

Participation from local businesses in this survey is crucial as we strive to improve the transportation system to accommodate the current and future needs of our region. 

Survey Incentive Sweepstakes

As an incentive for survey participation, each employee completing a survey is entered in the Work Related Travel Survey Incentive Sweepstakes. View terms and conditions.

What is the San Diego Work-Related Travel Survey?

The survey is a study of how people travel as part of performing work duties in the San Diego region. This travel can include, among many other things, work-related trips for delivery or pick-up of goods, making sales visits, attending meetings, performing services such as electrical or plumbing contract work, or delivering mail or packages. The survey will collect travel information for a single 24-hour period.

Who is selected?

Over 600 establishments will be randomly selected from across the region to provide a balanced and unbiased sample by industry type, geography, and establishment size. An establishment is the portion of a company or other employer at a specific location. For example, the U.S. Postal Service is an employer but each individual post office would be an establishment.

How are establishments contacted?

Selected establishments will first receive an introductory recruitment letter in the mail. Establishments will subsequently be contacted via telephone by SANDAG survey staff to confirm participation in the study. Survey staff will collect basic information regarding the establishment, coordinate the selection of a travel day for surveying, deliver the survey materials, provide assistance and answers during the survey, and collect the survey materials at the end.

What information is being collected?

Information gathered will assist with expanding the survey to represent all businesses within San Diego and to provide data on how and how often employees travel. Businesses will be asked basic information about the number of employees working at the establishment and their vehicle fleet size and composition. On the assigned travel day, employees will be asked to fill out an employee form for any work-related travel by transit or non-motorized means and a driver form if they travel by a motorized vehicle. Both of these forms include a travel diary. Travel diaries collect information on the employee travel journey including what places the employees went, times they arrived and departed those locations, what mode they used to get to each location, and basic route information such as the freeways used during each trip segment.

Why is this survey important?

When the survey is completed, the data will be used to estimate how much travel is generated by all businesses across the region. Work-related travel can comprise nearly 10-20% of region-wide vehicle miles traveled. This is a significant and important component of San Diego’s travel market and understanding it more will help decision-makers with future infrastructure improvement choices. The information will help ensure that our limited transportation funds are spent where they are needed most.

Sponsors List

For this effort, we are pleased to have the support of many groups, including:

• San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce
• Building Industry Association of San Diego (BIA)

Project Manager (s)

Rick Curry, Senior Transportation Modeler
Phone: (619) 699-1949, Email:

Darlanne Mulmat, Senior Research Analyst
Phone: (619) 699-7326, Email: