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Comprehensive Borders Projects

Borders Program

Planning in the San Diego region has been traditionally considered as bounded by San Diego County. However, over the years, our perceived borders have expanded. SANDAG recognizes that the San Diego region has close ties to its neighboring counties, tribal governments, and the Republic of Mexico. The region’s distinct characteristics present a variety of opportunities and challenges for planning and coordination along our binational and interregional borders. How our region grows inevitably impacts those around us, just as growth around us impacts our region. 

SANDAG looks at Borders planning from three perspectives: the binational perspective with relation to our international border with the Republic of Mexico; the interregional perspective regarding issues with our Orange, Riverside, and Imperial County neighbors; and a government–to-government relationship with tribal governments within San Diego County.

The guiding principles serve as a framework for policy objectives and actions to advance important initiatives of the Borders Committee to enhance the cross-border region:

  • Our region will pursue fair and equitable planning with consideration of interregional impacts and will maintain active and honest communication with our neighboring counties, tribal governments and the Republic of Mexico.
  • Our region will promote shared infrastructure, efficient transportation systems, integrated environmental planning and economic development with our neighboring counties, tribal governments and the Republic of Mexico.
  • Our region recognizes that it is a unique and dynamic place to live - one that embraces cultural diversity, promotes interregional understanding, and benefits from our varied history and experience.

    The Borders Committee has identified six critical planning areas around which to focus its collaborative efforts: jobs/housing accessibility, transportation, energy and water supply, environment, economic development, and homeland security. Subsequent work areas added more recently include climate change collaboration, active transportation, and public health.

  • Project Manager

    Hector Vanegas, Borders Program Manager
    Phone: (619) 699-1972, Email:

    For media inquiries, please contact the SANDAG Public Information Office at (619) 699-1950 or