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Comprehensive Borders Projects

2034 Tijuana, Tecate, and Playas de Rosarito Metropolitan Strategic Plan

Since 2008, SANDAG has participated as an advisory member of the City of Tijuana Metropolitan Planning Institute (IMPLAN) Governing Board. In this role, SANDAG assisted in the preparation of the 2034 Tijuana, Tecate, and Playas de Rosarito Metropolitan Strategic Plan (PEM 2034), coordinating the binational work table. 

PEM 2034 provides action-based guidelines to achieve significant change in the environmental, economic, urban, social, and institutional development of the metropolitan area of Tijuana, Tecate, and Rosarito Beach. The main objective of PEM 2034 is to improve the quality of life of the region’s inhabitants, ensure the governance of the metropolis, and achieve a shared vision.

PEM 2034 addresses social, environmental, economic and territorial challenges through 109 designated projects that coincide with eight strategic categories of focus: social; environmental; urban; institutional; digital; binational; mobility; and economic.

The next stage of the plan is validation and certification, which will be completed with assistance from the Economic Development Council of Tijuana and the Autonomous University of Baja California. The validation and certification stage will also seek broad citizen input and participation.

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