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Public Notices

Public Notices | Public Notices Archive

Aviso de Reunión Pública - Consejo Asesor de Servicios Sociales en el Transporte (SSTAC, por sus siglas en inglés)

4/10/2017 - Se invita al público a proporcionar sus comentarios en la próxima reunión de SSTAC, que se llevará a cabo en las oficinas de SANDAG en el Centro de San Diego.  
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Notice of Public Meeting - Social Services Transportation Advisory Council

4/10/2017 - Members of the public are invited to provide comments at the May 15, 2017, SSTAC meeting, which will be held at the SANDAG offices in Downtown San Diego.  
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Notice of Solicitation of Membership Applications - TransNet Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee

3/29/2017 - The Transnet Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee is seeking qualified members of the public to fill two vacancies on its seven-member committee. Applications must be postmarked no later than Wednesday, April 26, 2017.  
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California Fair Political Practices Commission Gift Reporting Requirements

2/3/2014 - SANDAG requests that consultants, contractors, vendors and agents thereof currently doing business with or planning to seek contract awards from SANDAG are strongly discouraged from giving gifts to SANDAG officers, employees, agents or Board members who have taken or may in the future take part in contracting decisions for SANDAG.  
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Public Records Request Guidelines

12/1/2013 - SANDAG has developed guidelines to assist members of the public in submitting public records requests.  
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Third Party Complaint Procedures for Title VI, ADA, and Other Anti-Discrimination Statutes

12/1/2013 - SANDAG does not discriminate or allow harassment based on color, race, national origin, sex, age, or disability when conducting its business. Persons who believe they have been subjected to illegal discrimination or harassment have a right to use this complaint procedure.  
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