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Job Openings

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Document Processing Specialist

Salary Range:
Specialist I - $30,641 to $50,987
Specialist II - $32,507 to $54,092
Specialist III - $35,839 to $59,637

Close Date: 2/9/18

* This is a Limited-Term SANDAG position. Limited-Term Employees receive many of the benefits of a regular SANDAG staff position but are at-will employees.

Application Instructions:
Details about the SANDAG Employment Application and Supplemental Questions required for this position can be found below.

Overview of Document Processing Services

Much of the work done by SANDAG is communicated among local, state, and federal policy-makers, member and partner agencies, special interest groups, the media, residents of the San Diego region, and others in written format. Project status reports, policy recommendations, meeting agendas, general correspondence, contracts and agreements, and numerous other documents are produced and distributed to audiences throughout the region and are an essential component of the agency’s reputation and success.

The Document Processing team plays an important role in this communication effort. Each month, the group prepares an average of 275 documents; a large portion of these are agendas and related reports that provide information to support more than 25 Board, Policy Advisory, Technical Working Group, and Stakeholder Working Group committee meetings, and other large events hosted by the agency.The Document Processing team is highly regarded for their outstanding work product and service to many employees throughout the agency.

Document Processing Specialist Role

Members of the eight-person Document Processing team provide consistent, high-quality document formatting and proof-reading services to SANDAG employees, ensure quality control of documents produced by the agency, and devise innovative approaches for document design projects. The Document Processing team has a strong customer-service work ethic and the individual selected for this position will have a high level of interaction with employees throughout the organization.

Job Responsibilities

This position is ideal for a business service professional with training and experience in the design and formatting of a broad range of documents and a strong interest in furthering his/her expertise in this field. We anticipate career development will occur while working on the types of duties and responsibilities described below and through mentoring and close collaboration with senior staff. Examples of primary responsibilities include:

  • Design, create, format, and proof-read a variety of documents using Microsoft Word and other applications from the Office Suite (particularly Excel) that are consistent with the SANDAG Style Guidelines; assignments range from simple, short, and routine requests to complex, long and technically oriented projects.
  • Perform basic document processing tasks to format documents such as letters, memos, meeting agendas, meeting minutes, short reports, and contracts from draft electronic files, rough draft or corrected hard copy originals, or specific instructions from authors.
  • Perform complex document processing functions to create and format long reports, technical reports, displays of numerical or tabular data, electronic forms, charts/graphs, informational flyers, tables of contents and indexes, new template documents, master documents, mail merges, and other products.
  • Proof-read and edit prepared documents for style and layout; verify that correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation have been used in agency documents.
  • Review, check, and verify information on documents, forms, and other materials for accuracy, consistency, and completeness; ensure quality control of all work products.
  • Liaise and communicate directly with document authors to clarify requests and expected results, work through edits and revisions, provide status updates, and resolve problems.
  • For larger, more complex assignments, work closely with project managers to understand their document processing-related needs and provide input and guidance regarding the design and production of final documents; provide input regarding the time and resource requirements needed for the completion of large projects.
  • Organize and maintain electronic versions of working files and completed projects.
  • Create and manipulate PDF files for the SANDAG website and Intranet; assist with updating Staff Intranet and the SANDAG website using web page authoring software.
  • Compile and organize materials, data, and information for agency mailings, meeting agendas, reports, and special projects.
  • Collaborate on developing and maintaining document processing style and procedure guidelines.
  • Engage in proactive time management and project planning strategies to ensure that assigned work is completed on schedule and to the standard defined by the Style Guidelines; use tools and techniques that allow for the successful completion of multiple, concurrent document processing assignments.
  • Maintain a high level of commitment to other members of the Document Processing team; provide assistance to coworkers to ensure all customer requests are completed on time; readily contribute to an atmosphere of continual learning by sharing information, techniques, and tips for document processing projects and demonstrating an interest in gaining new skills.
  • Operate a wide variety of modern office equipment including printers, OCR scanners, and related office technology equipment.
  • Respond to mail, telephone calls and messages, email, and internal correspondence in a prompt, professional, and courteous manner.
  • Perform a variety of general administrative support work and assist with special projects and tasks as assigned.

Experience and Qualifications

Numerous factors contribute to an individual’s ability to be successful in any given role. For this position, we are searching for a candidate who has a strong base of administrative skills and a particular interest in creating and formatting a broad range of documents. Other desirable characteristics include an eye for detail and desire for precision; a keen ability to problem-solve, be resourceful, and enjoy the challenge of getting projects completed; a desire to learn and seek out opportunities for growth and development; and a professional attitude couched in a helpful, customer-oriented disposition.

The minimum education, training, and experience qualifications include a high school diploma, or equivalent, and one year (Specialist I), two years (Specialist II), or five years (Specialist III) of professional experience designing, creating, and formatting a broad range of complex documents. Specialized training or college level course work in word processing, document design, or a related field is desirable.

The following information describes the specific types of career experiences that are most relevant to this position:

  • Demonstrated ability to design, create, and format a wide variety of documents that range from simple, short, and routine to complex, long, and technically oriented.
  • Demonstrated ability to adhere to prescribed document formatting styles, including spelling, grammar, and punctuation styles; knowledge of proper English usage, business writing, and report preparation.
  • Demonstrated thorough working knowledge of Microsoft Word to include proficiency with basic document formatting in addition to tables, columns, sections, advanced paragraph formatting and text flow features, and styles; familiarity with Word 2016 is desirable.
  • Additional advanced-level capabilities such as creating/modifying templates, developing macros, incorporating graphics into documents, creating online forms, constructing and using Master documents, and linking/embedding source data into Word documents.
  • Demonstrated experience with Excel in particular the ability to format tables, charts, and graphs; familiarly with Excel 2016 is highly desirable.
  • Expertise in maintaining document quality, editing, and proof-reading for both content and layout; knowledge of standard proof-reading methods and editing marks.
  • Demonstrated experience creating PDF files using Adobe Acrobat software including knowledge of document modification and enhancement capabilities. Familiarly with Acrobat DC is highly desirable.
  • Demonstrated experience working closely with project managers to understand their document processing-related needs and provide input and guidance regarding the design and production of final documents.
  • Familiarity with web page authoring software or content management systems, and other skills related to web pages/sites, such as knowledge of basic HTML, is desirable.
  • Basic familiarity and/or an interest in learning graphic design principles, including software applications from the Adobe suite of tools, is desirable.
  • Effective use of proactive time management strategies such as clarifying project requests, negotiating deadlines, juggling/prioritizing tasks, and communicating with customers; demonstrated ability to work on multiple projects at once that are at various stages of completion.
  • Excellent customer service skills, including strong communication skills; demonstrated ability to establish, maintain and foster cooperative working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.
  • Demonstrated ability to maintain composure and a professional attitude when working under tight deadlines and with frequent interruptions.
  • Ability to anticipate or recognize problems and issues and propose practical solutions.

Salary and Benefits

SANDAG rewards the efforts of its employees with a comprehensive compensation package. Competitive salaries are supplemented with a flexible offering of health, financial security, and time-off benefits to meet the work and life needs of employees and their families.

The Document Processing Specialist position will be filled at the I, II, or III level depending on qualifications and experience of the selected candidate. The annual salary ranges are: Specialist I - $30,641 to $50,987 per year; Specialist II - $32,507 to $54,092 per year; Specialist III - $35,839 to $59,637 per year.

Our benefits include traditional health, dental, and vision insurance as well as employee assistance, wellness, and work/life balance programs. Retirement and financial security benefits are provided through a pension plan and deferred compensation program. To support the need to rest and rejuvenate, employees are provided with a bank of paid time off in addition to paid holidays.

How to Apply

We encourage all interested candidates to apply for this position by completing a SANDAG Employment Application form. Resumes, cover letters, and work samples may be submitted in addition to the Employment Application but are not a substitute for this document.

The Employment Application can be downloaded in PDF format from the SANDAG website. Alternatively, a copy can be requested by calling (619) 699-1900 or emailing Completed applications and related materials can be submitted via email, fax, regular mail, courier, or delivered by hand. See our Careers / How to Apply webpage for additional information.

Applications for the Document Processing Specialist position will be accepted until 5 p.m. on Friday, February 9, 2018.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), SANDAG will accommodate persons who require assistance in order to apply for a position at SANDAG. Applicants requiring an accommodation due to a disability during any stage of the recruitment and selection process, including requesting this document and related application materials in an alternative format, should make their needs known by contacting Human Resources at (619) 699-1900, (619) 699-1904 (TTY), fax (619) 699-6905, or

Application Supplement

To help us further evaluate the skills and experience of individuals interested in this position, applicants are asked to provide work samples which illustrate their document processing skills. Up to 10 pages may be submitted. Applicants may submit existing documents or prepare new documents. The work samples should be submitted with the application; for applications submitted electronically, work samples in PDF format are preferred. Applications received without the work samples will be screened out of the selection process.

Work Sample Details

Work samples should demonstrate the ability to create documents that incorporate the five design/formatting and proof-reading components listed below; not all components need to be present in each work sample. The work samples will be evaluated on the following criteria:

1. Is it effective at engaging the reader? 2. Is it attractive and reader-friendly? and 3. Does it convey professionalism?

Design/formatting components:

  • Showcase proof-reading skills through correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Text flow in a multi-page document
  • Information hierarchy
  • Embedding files such as graphs, images, or tables
  • Use of color and/or images in a document

Candidate Selection and Notification

Following the close date for applications, candidates will receive written confirmation that their application has been received. The hiring manager will begin reviewing and evaluating applications within a few days of the close date. Based on this evaluation, the best qualified candidates will be invited to continue in the selection process. All candidates will receive written notification as to the final outcome of their application.

Further Information

The SANDAG website contains a wealth of information about our various project and program areas. The Careers section of the site lists all of our current Job Openings as well as information on how to apply for positions and Frequently Asked Questions about our recruitment process.

In compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, applicants hired by SANDAG must show acceptable proof of identity and evidence of authorization to work in the United States.

SANDAG is an Equal Opportunity Employer.