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Comprehensive Environmental Projects

Quality of Life Funding Strategy

There are many critical infrastructure needs facing the region, with limited resources available to meet those needs. As the San Diego region continues to change, we must regularly assess the ability of our infrastructure to handle that change and to maintain our quality of life.  Because of the lack of available resources at the federal and state level to help finance transportation and other regional and local infrastructure needs, regions are increasingly being asked to leverage or match state and federal funds with local money or programs that help fill the infrastructure gaps.

The original TransNet half-cent sales tax measure was passed in 1988. The TransNet Extension was passed by the voters in 2004 and included funding provisions that were broader than the original measure, but all the TransNet expenditures were related to mobility improvements in the region. When San Diego County voters approved the extension of the TransNet half-cent sales tax in November 2004, the measure included a requirement for the SANDAG Board of Directors to “act on additional regional funding measures (a ballot measure and/or other secure funding commitments) to meet long-term requirements for implementing habitat conservation plans in the San Diego region.”  However, it was unclear if SANDAG had the legislative authority to put a measure on the ballot with a scope that extended beyond transportation improvements. In 2008, Senate Bill 1685 (Kehoe) was signed into law and extended SANDAG’s legislative authority beyond transportation.

In 2011, SANDAG conducted a public information survey regarding a potential ‘Quality of Life’ funding measure to be placed on a future ballot. Based on the results of the survey, the Board of Directors amended the TransNet Extension Ordinance to extend the deadline for acting on an additional funding measure to November 2016. Based on direction received at the 2015 Board of Directors Retreat and in anticipation of a potential November 2016 ballot measure, SANDAG conducted another survey to gauge the public sentiment for funding important quality of life needs.

In late April 2015, SANDAG conducted a telephone survey of likely voters and asked a series of questions to gauge voter opinion on neighborhood and regional infrastructure needs. The Board of Directors is continuing their discussions regarding a future funding measure in November 2016.

Project Manager

Rob Rundle, Principal Regional Planner
Phone: (619) 699-6949, Email:

For media inquiries, please contact David Hicks at (619) 699-6939 or

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