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Land Use and Regional Growth

SANDAG provides the regional framework to connect our land use to our transportation systems, manage our population growth, preserve our environment, and sustain our economic prosperity.

Current Land Use and Regional Growth Projects

Provides details and information regarding the SGIP and the ATGP, including the Cycle 4 schedule.
Details state program that provides funding for projects that will reduce GHG emissions and benefit disadvantaged communities.
Monitors Regional Comprehensive Plan implementation.
Complete streets are streets designed and operated to enable safe access for all users.
Promotes and incentivize sustainable development throughout the region.
Contains more than 200 existing, planned, or potential smart growth locations.
Local grant programs that support regional capital and planning projects.
Shows how good design can contribute to the quality of life in the San Diego region.
Illustrating how communities can be transformed by smart growth development and transit-friendly design.
Identifies trip generation rates and parking demand associated with smart growth developments.

Reflects the Healthy Works program's focus on obesity prevention through physical activity and access to healthy foods.

A health impact and benefit assessment was conducted on the I-805 Bus Rapid Transit/47th Street Trolley Station Area Plan to support future planning efforts.
SANDAG staff periodically reviews and comments on projects that are regionally significant.

Past Land Use and Regional Growth Projects

Cycle 4 Call for Projects – TransNet Smart Growth Incentive Program and Active Transportation Grant Program

Applications were due on March 15, 2018. The SANDAG Board approved funding awards in May, July, and October, 2018. Includes final funding awards, all grant applications, and associated scoring documentation.

Healthy Works Phase I

Healthy Works Phase I was a nationwide grant program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to reduce obesity and tobacco use.

Healthy Works Pass-Through Grant Programs

These grants enabled local agencies to incorporate public health considerations into their planning efforts, and plan for and implement safe routes to school programs. This was a one-time funding opportunity that will not repeat.

Healthy Communities Campaign

The Healthy Communities Campaign provided grant funds and technical assistance to local communities to incorporate health principles in policies, plans, and programs.

Community-Based Outreach Mini-Grant Program

Encouraged public participation for the 2050 Regional Transportation Plan from stakeholders who may not traditionally be involved in the planning process.