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Comprehensive Land Use and Regional Growth Projects

Community-Based Outreach Mini-Grant Program

To help ensure diverse and direct input into the 2050 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and key related components from residents throughout the San Diego region, SANDAG implemented a Community-Based Outreach Mini-Grant program.

The primary goal of this effort was to engage and encourage diverse, inclusive, and active public participation from stakeholders in specific communities who traditionally may not have been involved in regional public policy planning processes (e.g., low income, seniors, people of color, persons with disabilities, and other identified populations). 

Through a competitive bid process, SANDAG awarded grant funding to eight community-based organizations to conduct this outreach in coordination with other agency public involvement activities being undertaken to help prepare the RTP, the update of the SANDAG Public Participation Plan, and other key regional initiatives.

In addition to the activities described above, each organization receiving a grant also appointed one representative to serve as a community-based network member of the new Regional Planning Stakeholders Working Group (SWG).

SANDAG hosted a program orientation to provide grantees with additional information on the RTP, including its goals and objectives; and other key regional planning initiatives, including the Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) required by Senate Bill 375 (2008); and the foundation for the next Regional Comprehensive Plan (RCP) update. The materials and resources below are available to help grantees develop presentation materials for outreach efforts.

Each organization will produce a final report summarizing how grant funding was used, demographics of outreach participants, and benefits of outreach activities.  The main outcomes, feedback, and recommendations from the final reports will be incorporated into the 2050 RTP.

Examples of final reports submitted for the outreach program’s last grant cycle also are available for review. This information was summarized and included in the 2030 RTP Appendix C – Public Involvement Program.

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