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Comprehensive Land Use and Regional Growth Projects

Healthy Community Tools

Healthy Communities Assessment Tool

The Healthy Communities Assessment Tool is a pilot program developed by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development. The tool provides data on a wide variety of social, economic, and physical factors important to community health. Users can examine how 152 neighborhoods across the region perform on each factor and compare neighborhoods on their overall ranking of core indicators from a Healthy Communities Index.

Healthy Communities Atlas

The Healthy Communities Atlas is a tool developed by SANDAG under a contract with the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA) for the Healthy Works program. The Atlas reflects the Healthy Works program's focus on obesity prevention through physical activity and access to healthy foods. A set of Geographic Information System (GIS) tools were used to display environmental factors related to health outcomes based on public health research.  The Atlas was produced in March of 2012 as a report and is available for download below. Read the report for background on the research and data that the map portrays. SANDAG has also developed a series of interactive, web-based maps to allow for further exploration of the data. Please read SANDAG's Data Disclaimer first before viewing the interactive Healthy Communities Atlas.

Healthy Communities Atlas Interactive Map Gallery