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Comprehensive Transportation Projects

State of the Commute

The SANDAG Overall Work Program includes a number of performance reporting tasks that focus on monitoring, tracking, and collecting an assortment of transportation data in the region. These efforts include the analysis of transportation data in order to understand how the region’s transportation system is operating through the development of State of the Commute reports. 

The 2021 State of the Commute report provides information on freeway, transit, and local roadways usage and performance data collected on an annual basis. It also presents “before and after” statistics that document the benefits in transportation system performance based on project improvements completed in the region.

The development of the State of Commute reports represents an ongoing effort to document the performance and operation of the transportation system. The information provided in these reports is consistent with transportation performance indicators documented in the Regional Comprehensive Plan Performance Monitoring Report and in San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan.

SANDAG worked with Caltrans, MTS, and NCTD to define the performance indicators for developing this report.

Project Manager

Grace Miño, Senior Research Analyst
Phone: (619) 699-6913, Email: