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Comprehensive Transportation Projects

State Transportation Improvement Program

The State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) is a five-year program of projects that is updated every two years. The funds are divided into two broad programs: the regional component comprising 75 percent of the funds and the interregional component comprising the remaining 25 percent.

Within the regional component, the funds are divided 40 percent to north counties and 60 percent to south counties, and then finally distributed by a county share formula to each of the regions. The county share formula is based on two main factors: population and lane miles of maintained state highway.

SANDAG, as the Regional Transportation Planning Agency, is responsible for submitting the programming request for the county share on a biennial basis.

The STIP is a program of highway, local road, transit and active transportation projects that a region plans to fund with available revenues under the purview of the California Transportation Commission. The program of projects in the STIP is a subset of projects in the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), a federally mandated master transportation plan which guides a region’s transportation investments over a minimum of 20 years. The RTP is based on all reasonably anticipated funding, including federal, state and local sources. Updated every four years, the RTP is developed through an extensive public participation process in the region and reflects the unique mobility, sustainability, and air quality needs of each region. The latest update, San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan, was adopted by the SANDAG Board in December 2021.

In addition to the regional share, the interregional share of the STIP, known as the Interregional Transportation Improvement Program (ITIP) is intended to improve interregional mobility for people and goods in the State of California.

As an interregional program, the ITIP is focused on increasing the throughput for highway and rail corridors of strategic importance outside the urbanized areas of the state. A sound transportation network between and connecting urbanized areas ports and borders is critical to the state’s economic vitality. The ITIP is prepared in accordance with Government Code Section 14526, Streets and Highways Code Section 164 and the STIP Guidelines. The ITIP is managed by Caltrans and funded with 25 percent of new STIP revenues in each cycle. 

Developed in cooperation with regional transportation planning agencies to ensure an integrated transportation program, the ITIP promotes the goal of improving interregional mobility and connectivity across California. Typical ITIP projects in San Diego County have included highway projects along corridors of interregional and statewide significance and projects along the AMTRAK rail corridor.

All projects funded through the STIP in San Diego County also are included in the SANDAG Regional Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP).

2022 STIP

The Board of Directors approved projects for proposed programming in the 2020 STIP RTIP at its meeting on November 19, 2021. The  California Transportation Commission adopted the 2022 STIP in March 2022

Project Manager

Timothy Coyne, Senior Financial Programming Analyst
Phone: (619) 699-6928, Email:

For media inquiries, please contact the SANDAG Public Information Office at (619) 699-1950 or