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Comprehensive Transportation Projects

Request for Innovative Concepts: Connector Service

SANDAG Connectors

SANDAG invites interested innovators, entrepreneurs, service providers, and mobility experts to submit innovative concepts for transportation “Connector” services that advance the transformative vision for transportation shaped by the SANDAG Draft 2021 Regional Plan’s 5 Big Moves.

View the Connector Service Request for Innovative Concepts document.

View a copy of the preproposal meeting held on November 17th. A list of registered attendees is also available on SANDAG’s vendor portal, BidNet.

Connector concepts must advance the goal of a transportation system that is faster, fairer, and cleaner. SANDAG is accepting Connector concepts in any area of the San Diego region, however five key transportation challenge areas have been identified for consideration:

- Blue Line Trolley Corridor
- Decentralized Employment Centers
- Downtown Connectivity
- Border Congestion
- East-West Connectivity

Concepts submitted will undergo a competitive phased process where one or more concepts will be selected and invited into a working partnership to ultimately plan and design a leading-edge Connector service that can be implemented in the near term (5-10 years).

Request for Innovative Concepts Schedule

The Request for Innovative Concepts (RFIC) is a phased competitive procurement:

Phase 1: Firms will submit innovative concepts for a future Connector service(s). Submissions are due January 14, 2022.

Phase 2: Three firms or teams of firms will be selected and awarded a $50,000 stipend to further develop their concept and present their conceptual designs to a panel of experts. (Spring 2022)

Phase 3: One or more firms will be selected to enter a partnership agreement where SANDAG and partners will pursue funding, plan, design, and ultimately implement the Connector service(s). (Summer 2022)

How to Learn More About the RFIC

Please note that solicitation information posted on this project page is for informational purposes only. Please visit for all up to date Request for Innovative Concepts information.

View the solicitation on BidNet, SANDAG's vendor portal  

Visit the Connector Service RFIC Interactive Data Tool to learn more about the existing conditions, challenges, and opportunities within the identified challenge areas.