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Freight Systems

State Route 905

State Route 905 closes the highway gap between the Otay Mesa Port of Entry (POE) and I-805. The six-lane highway – which opened to traffic July 30, 2012 – extends for 6.4 miles, parallel to Otay Mesa Road.

A busy surface street, Otay Mesa Road, previously provided the only access to the Otay Mesa POE, the only commercial vehicle crossing between San Diego and Tijuana. Approximately 68,000 vehicles per day use Otay Mesa Road. A high percentage of trucks (16 percent) on the road compounds congestion and impedes border access.

Due to funding constraints, SR 905 is being built in several phases:

• Phase 1A between Britannia Boulevard and Sempre Viva Road began construction in April 2008 and opened to traffic in December 2010.

• Phase 1B between I-805 and Britannia Boulevard began construction in July 2009 and will open to traffic July 30, 2012.

• Phase 2 improvements to the I-805/SR 905 interchange began construction in May 2011 and opened to traffic in February 2012.

The improvements made to date cost a total of $441 million. The money came from a combination of federal, state, and local funds.

One major source of funding was the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), commonly known as the federal stimulus package. The I-805/SR 905 interchange improvements were paid for by $17.9 million from an ARRA program called Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery. Nearly $74 million in ARRA funding went into the construction of SR 905 from east of I-805 to Britannia Boulevard.

An additional $163 million are needed to complete two more phases of SR 905, as well as the landscaping:

• Phase 3 – Construction of the SR 905/SR 125 interchange
• Phase 4 – Completion of the Heritage interchange ramp

The estimated cost for the entire SR 905 project is $606.9 million.

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