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Transportation Demand Management

TDM Planning Resources

SANDAG offers guidance to local jurisdictions, mobility operators, and the development community on effective transportation demand management (TDM) policy and strategy implementation.

Mobility Management Toolbox (2019)

SANDAG developed a Mobility Management Toolbox to help jurisdictions and developers evaluate the potential benefits both TDM and Transportation System Management (TSM) measures have on reducing vehicle miles traveled. Toolbox resources include a mobility management guidebook, VMT reduction calculator tool, implementation guidance, and more.

For more information, visit

San Diego and Western Riverside Interregional Park & Ride Strategy (2019)

SANDAG partnered with the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) to develop an interregional strategy to improve the management and planning of Park & Ride facilities. The strategy includes the development of a GIS data center that houses Park & Ride data for both regions, identifies tools for improving existing and future facilities, and proposes regional recommendations for public agencies to consider.

Regional Parking Management Toolbox (2014)

SANDAG developed the Regional Parking Management Toolbox to provide communities within the San Diego region with a framework for evaluating, implementing, and managing parking management strategies that support their economic development, sustainability, and mobility goals.

In 2020, the Toolbox will be updated to account for more flexible curb space strategies that may be considered as newer mobility services and technologies emerge. Staff will also update the local parking inventory and assess how cities plan to leverage technology to solve parking challenges.

2014 Regional Parking Management Toolbox
2014 Inventory of Local Parking Policies in the San Diego Region

North Coast Corridor TDM Plan (2012)

The North Coast Corridor (NCC) TDM plan provides a tailored set of TDM strategies to manage congestion during Interstate 5 highway improvements occurring over the next 30 years. The “Shift” program launched in the Golden Triangle area to raise public awareness of alternative commute options available during ongoing construction. For more information visit

North Coast Corridor Transportation Demand Management Plan Summary Report
North Coast Transportation Demand Management Implementation Plan
Travel Encinitas: A Community-Based Travel Planning Pilot

Integrating TDM into the Planning and Development Process (2012)
This resource was added to the SANDAG Smart Growth Tool Box to assist municipal governments with implementing and monitoring TDM policies as part of their local plans and projects. Information on how TDM can be effectively incorporated into urban design, site development, and parking strategies is also included.

Integrating TDM into the Planning and Development Process – A Reference for Cities

Project Manager

Antoinette Meier, Director of Mobility and Innovation
Phone: (619) 699-7381, Email:

For media inquiries, please contact the SANDAG Public Information Office at (619) 699-1950 or