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Public Safety

The SANDAG Public Safety program combines regional public safety policy with state-of-the-art technology and research capabilities.

Our program is supported by two key components: the Automated Regional Justice Information System and the Criminal Justice Research Division. These divisions support the Public Safety Committee which advises the Board of Directors on major policy-level matters related to public safety.

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  • Public Safety Committee


  • County of San Diego Community Health Statistics
  • Crime Alerts Via Email
  • Meth Strike Force
  • Regional Criminal Justice Research and Clearinghouse
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  • Adult Offenders in Local Custody and Under Community Supervision in San Diego County: 2011, 2014, and 2015 - CJ Bulletin August 2016 [PDF: 5MB]
  • Arrest Statistics by Jurisdiction 2018 - CJ Summary March 2020 [PDF: 435KB]
  • Gang Association Among San Diego Arrestees: 2018 Survey Results - CJ in Brief December 2019 [PDF: 573KB]
  • Mentally Ill Offender Crime Reduction Grant Program (MIOCR) – Executive Summary [PDF: 262KB]
  • Mentally Ill Offender Crime Reduction Grant Program (MIOCR) – Final Evaluation Report [PDF: 955KB]
  • SB 678: Increasing the Success of High-Risk Probationers in San Diego County 2nd Annual Report - CJ Bulletin February 2015 [PDF: 373KB]
  • Seeking Alternatives: Understanding Pathways to Incarceration of High-Risk Juvenile Offenders, Executive Summary - CJ Bulletin February 2015 [PDF: 487KB]
  • Seeking Alternatives: Understanding the Pathways to Incarceration of High-Risk Juvenile Offenders - CJ Bulletin February 2015 [PDF: 1MB]
  • Smart Probation: A Study of the San Diego County Probation Department's Application of Evidence-Based Practices - CJ Bulletin May 2015 [PDF: 961KB]
  • 5 Facts from the Adult Substance Abuse Monitoring Report You May Want to Know [PDF: 136KB]
  • CJ Bulletin May 2022 - Public Safety Allocations in the San Diego Region: Expenditures and Staffing for FY 2020-21 [PDF: 473KB]
  • CJ Evaluation March 2019 - Veterans Moving Forward Evalution Results [PDF: 958KB]
  • CJ Report May 2018 - City of Vista Gang Reduction, Intervention, and Prevention Report [PDF: 1MB]
  • CJ Summary – 2018 Arrest Statistics by Jurisdiction [PDF: 435KB]
  • CJ Summary May 2019 - Annual Crime Statistics 2018 [PDF: 498KB]
  • Understanding Transit's Impact on Public Safety [PDF: 133KB]
  • Veterans Moving Forward Infographic [PDF: 269KB]