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The SANDAG Borders Committee brings together elected officials and representatives from San Diego, Imperial, Riverside, and Orange Counties, and Mexico with the goal to create a regional community.

Current Borders Projects

Planning and coordination between the San Diego region and its surrounding neighbors.

Making walking and biking trips safer, easier, and more comfortable around the six border crossings along the California-Baja California border.

Interregional Collaboration
Collaboration with Orange County, Southwestern Riverside County, and Imperial County.
Assess the economic and air quality/climate impacts caused by border delays at California-Baja California ports of entry.
A binational effort to coordinate planning and delivery of projects at land port of entries and the transportation infrastructure serving them.
A summary of border crossings and trade statistics at the San Diego – Baja California land ports of entry.
Provides guidelines to achieve significant change in the environmental, economic, urban, social, and institutional development of of Tijuana, Tecate, and Rosarito Beach.
A binational event celebrated in May as part of National Bike Month.
This innovative project will improve the efficient movement of people, goods, and services between the United States and Mexico.

Identifies a multimodal concept for a world-class transportation center in the vicinity of the San Ysidro Port of Entry.
An overview of existing conditions at the region's international ports of entry.
Participants from both sides of the border meet annually to discuss topics of mutual interest.
This project is currently under evaluation as part of the San Ysidro Port of Entry Expansion Project.

San Ysidro Freight Rail Yard Improvement Project
Replaces aging rail infrastructure and reconfigures the existing footprint to increase freight capacity and efficiency.
2050 Goods Movement Strategy
Considers the growing importance of freight and goods movement to the region’s economic prosperity.

A look at mobility challenges in San Ysidro, with particular emphasis on public health.

Past Borders Projects

Binational Energy Strategy

A strategy for achieving a sustainable and secure energy supply in the binational region.

Otay Mesa - Mesa de Otay Binational Corridor Strategic Plan

The Otay Mesa – Mesa de Otay binational Corridor Strategic Plan was approved by SANDAG and the City of Tijuana.

Border Water Council

Provides an effective means of communication regarding water supply issues.

Jacumba-Jacumé Port of Entry Study

Investigated the feasibility of opening an international Port of Entry at Jacumba.

Economic Impacts of Border Wait Times

An extensive study to gauge the economic impacts of border wait times on the binational economy.

Tijuana River Watershed Project

Helps with flood control and other planning functions in the binational area into which the Tijuana River drains.