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Public Transit

Central Mobility Hub

On April 21, 2021, SANDAG issued a Notice of Preparation for the Central Mobility Hub Environmental Impact Report (EIR). This notice marks the beginning of a public comment period for the Central Mobility Hub where members of the public are invited to comment on issues that should be addressed in the EIR. The public comment period concludes on Friday, May 28, 2021.

To share information about the Central Mobility Hub and facilitate public comments, SANDAG is hosting a virtual scoping meeting on Tuesday, May 11, 2021. View a recording of the scoping meeting at

Comments on the Central Mobility Hub Notice of Preparation can be submitted in the following ways:

- Submit comments online via the Central Mobility Hub virtual engagement site at

- Email comments to

- Mail comments to Kirsten Urchitel, SANDAG, 401 B Street, Suite 800, San Diego, CA 92101

- Submit comments in a voicemail on the project hotline at (888) 613-5687

- Text comments to the project hotline at (844) 384-4264


The Central Mobility Hub is envisioned as a multimodal transportation center connecting all current and future modes of public transit, in addition to serving as a community gathering place with a wide range of transportation services and amenities.

A fundamental component of the 2021 Regional Plan, the Central Mobility Hub would improve mobility throughout the San Diego region and create new transportation connections.

The Central Mobility Hub also could solve the challenge of airport connectivity by providing a direct link between San Diego International Airport and the regional transit system.

Environmental Review

As an agency subject to the California Environmental Quality Act, SANDAG will study the potential impacts of developing the Central Mobility Hub in an Environmental Impact Report (EIR), which will analyze all aspects of the project, including two potential locations for the project, a Trolley extension alternative, the proposed direct transit connection to San Diego International Airport, and improvements to local roads and highway access.

Potential Locations

SANDAG is exploring two locations for the Central Mobility Hub, as well as a Trolley connection alternative:

Intermodal Transportation Center
The Intermodal Transportation Center is a 13-acre site located near the northeastern edge of the airport between I-5 and Pacific Highway, south of Washington Street.

This site would provide direct connections to all regional transit services, other mobility options, and the airport.

Navy Old Town Campus
The Navy Old Town Campus is a 70.5-acre site located west of I-5 and south of Old Town.

SANDAG is working with the Navy to explore the opportunity to include the Central Mobility Hub on a portion of this site. This location also includes the potential for the Navy to develop supportive land uses, such as housing, office space, and retail, in addition to direct connections to all regional transit services, other mobility options, and the airport.

Trolley Connection Alternative
An extension of the Trolley to San Diego International Airport is being studied as a project alternative. This alternative would extend west from the existing Trolley alignment toward the airport via a trench/tunnel below Grape and Hawthorne Streets.

Under this alternative, a Central Mobility Hub would not be constructed.


The Central Mobility Hub project is the result of several planning efforts undertaken by SANDAG and partner agencies, including the 2021 Regional Plan, the Airport Connectivity Subcommittee, and the Navy Old Town Campus Revitalization Project.

The 2021 Regional Plan encompasses 5 Big Moves, key strategies for mobility that work together to ensure a sustainable transportation future. The 5 Big Moves include Transit Leap, Next OS, Flexible Fleets, Complete Corridors, and Mobility Hubs. The Central Mobility Hub project is a cornerstone of the Mobility Hubs strategy.

The Airport Connectivity Subcommittee was created by SANDAG in late 2018 to study future transportation solutions for improved transit and road connectivity to San Diego International Airport. The subcommittee concluded its work in September 2019 and recommended four concepts to the SANDAG Board of Directors to be developed through further study and environmental analysis:

- A mobility hub at the Navy Old Town Campus with a direct transit connection to the airport via underground tunnel

- A mobility hub at the Navy Old Town Campus with an above-ground transit connection to the airport

- A mobility hub at the Intermodal Transportation Center with an above-ground transit connection to the airport

- A Trolley connection to the airport

The Department of the Navy seeks to revitalize and redevelop the Naval Base Point Loma Old Town Campus to provide modernized Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR) facilities, which are critical to the Navy’s cybersecurity mission.

As a result of the SANDAG Airport Connectivity Subcommittee's work in 2019, SANDAG identified the potential for a mobility hub to be located on the Navy Old Town Campus property. SANDAG and the NAVY are exploring the possibility of locating the Central Mobility Hub on this site, given its location is proximate to San Diego International Airport. 

The synergy between these two projects led to an agreement between SANDAG and the Navy to work together to explore redevelopment possibilities for the Navy Old Town Campus Revitalization Project while delivering new NAVWAR facilities.

The Navy is anticipated to release a Draft Environmental Impact Study for their proposed revitalization project in spring 2021. They are evaluating the proposed redevelopment of the Navy Old Town Campus on a separate and independent basis from the Central Mobility Hub project.

Two of the five alternatives being studied by the Navy include development of a transit center, which could be the Central Mobility Hub. SANDAG is working closely with the Navy and other agencies to ensure collaboration and information sharing between the projects.

Complete Corridor Planning

The Central Mobility Hub could bring together multiple modes of travel to improve traffic patterns, provide mobility options, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

While considering development of the Central Mobility Hub at the Intermodal Transportation Center or Navy Old Town Campus, SANDAG also is studying the surrounding roadways and modes of travel to achieve a holistic and balanced transportation network.

SANDAG will present the results of this study in a Comprehensive Multimodal Corridor Plan (CMCP), which will propose transportation solutions near the proposed Central Mobility Hub.

For information on this effort, visit

Ways to Get Involved

Visit our virtual engagement site at to access additional project information, see notices of upcoming public meetings, and share input on the Central Mobility Hub alternatives.