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Comprehensive Biking and Walking

Shared Streets Pilot Program

COVID-19 is drastically changing many aspects of how we live, work, and move around our communities for essential physical activity. Jurisdictions across the globe are making temporary modifications to some streets to support this new way of life.

Shared streets modifications can be made to support safe physical activity for residents by partially or completely closing certain streets to vehicular thru-traffic or by creating temporary bikeways and wider pedestrian paths. This allows people to move comfortably on low-traffic streets while maintaining physical distance as they walk, bike, skate, or use a wheelchair.

Request for Applications

SANDAG is piloting a Shared Streets program as an alternative way to promote Bike Month while addressing immediate public health concerns.

Each jurisdiction in the region was invited to apply for up to$5,000 for Shared Streets implementation. Jurisdictions were also encouraged to propose other potential projects that could be awarded funds in the event not all jurisdictions applied. This pilot has been established as a non-competitive funding opportunity and all jurisdictions that proposed an eligible project received funding.

Eleven jurisdictions were awarded Shared Streets Pilot Program funding. These jurisdictions proposed a range of activities such as closing residential streets to thru traffic, enhancing signage to alert vehicles of shared streets conditions and closures, and creating space for local business patrons to walk, bike, and dine outside while maintaining physical distance. 

SANDAG News - SANDAG Awards $95,000 to Cities and County for Shared Streets Program

Shared Streets Pilot Program Request for Applications

Attachment A - Shared Streets Pilot Project Application

Attachment B - Sample Agreement for Shared Streets Pilot Program

Shared Streets Pilot Program Questions and Responses - May 19, 2020

Informational Webinar

Local jurisdictions interested in applying for funding are encouraged to watch the informational webinar, recorded on Thursday, May 14, 2020, to learn more:

View Webinar Recording

View Presentation


View a summary of what is being implemented in cities across the nation.

Below are additional resources that may assist jurisdictions with implementing Shared Streets:

NACTO COVID-19 Rapid Response Tools for Cities

NACTO Streets for Pandemic Response and Recovery

NACTO Transportation Actions Updates (refer to worksheet entitled, ‘Relieve Crowded Areas’)

NACTO Design Guidance

Tactical Urbanist’s Guide to Materials and Design (also refer to their Materials catalog)

COVID19 Livable Streets Response Strategies (crowdsourced with daily updates)

Streetmix (temporary materials added to this free street design tool)

Safe Routes Partnership: Open Streets, Shared Streets, Healthy Streets Solutions

Mobycon Making Space Safe for Cycling in 10 Days

Small Town & Rural Design Guide (an online design resource and idea book)

Strava Heatmap (public activities generated by Strava users running/walking, or biking)


For Shared Streets Pilot Program assistance, please contact: