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Cross-Border Travel Behavior Survey (RFP 5005617)

Proposals were due by 2/12/2019

The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) is seeking proposals from qualified firms for professional services to conduct a Cross-Border Travel Behavior Survey. The purpose of the Cross-Border Travel Behavior Survey is to update a study previously conducted in 2010, providing critical data regarding northbound travel along the border for the cross-border model component of the Activity-Based Model (ABM). SANDAG is interested in filling in any gaps that the 2010 survey did not address, improving upon the methodology based on lessons learned from that study, and understanding circumstances at the border that have changed and their impact on cross border travel. Furthermore, with the Otay Mesa East border crossing’s upcoming opening (i.e., State Route 11), there is a desire to utilize this study as a way to collect data on cross-border travel before the new facility begins operations in 2022. All survey information will be collected on the US side of the border, and no travel into Mexico is required.

Dell & Cisco Equipment and Veeam & VMware Software

Proposals were due by 2/8/2019

SANDAG is seeking bids for Dell and Cisco Equipment along with Veeam and VMware Software as noted in Part II, Section IV ''Equipment and Software List''

SANDAG Strategic Plan & Organizational Assessment (RFQ 5005577)

Proposals were due by 2/13/2019

SANDAG is seeking qualified firms to lead a strategic planning and organizational assessment process. The work is envisioned as two different but overlapping efforts: (1) a Strategic Planning Process; and (2) an Organizational Assessment Process. First, a comprehensive strategic plan will be developed to provide a roadmap to establish the agency’s goals. It will highlight the current state, articulate the future vision, and include a mid-point state, along with quantifiable objectives for each phase and a supporting implementation plan. Following the strategic plan development, the organization will be aligned to the vision, mission, values, and strategic goals. Interested firms are invited to propose on one or both portions of the Project.

SANDAG Vanpool Program

Proposals were due by 1/22/2019

The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) is seeking proposals from qualified firms to administer the SANDAG Vanpool Program (“Project”). The selected firm(s) must have the ability to lease a fleet of vanpool vehicles to existing and prospective program participants. The selected firm(s) must also be able to adopt new vehicle and transportation technologies, such as automated trip reporting (e.g. trip distance, travel time, occupancy) and zero emission vehicles, as they become available to help sustain program growth over time. SANDAG intends to award multiple contracts to qualified firms in order to meet its objective of creating a group of on–call firms that will be used to provide vanpool leasing services on an as needed basis.