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Doing Business

Welcome to SANDAG Contracts & Procurement. SANDAG procures construction and maintenance services, hardware, software, information systems, data, and facilities equipment and supplies. SANDAG also hires consultants in categories such as intelligent transportation systems, planning, environmental, communications, public outreach, finance, legal, construction management, and engineering.

Bidding Platform and Vendor Portal

SANDAG utilizes a bidding platform and vendor portal that is hosted by PlanetBids. Please register for free to receive notifications from SANDAG about contracting opportunities.

SANDAG is transitioning to a new bidding platform and vendor portal that is hosted by BidNet Direct. We expect to be fully transitioned to BidNet Direct in early 2020, so please register for free to receive notifications from SANDAG about contracting opportunities in the future.

For any inquiries, comments, or questions regarding SANDAG solicitations, please contact

Upcoming Projects List

Upcoming Projects List for future contracting opportunities.

Board Policies Pertaining to Procurement and Contracting

Protest Procedures

Learn more about the protest procedures SANDAG uses for procurements.

Consultant Conflicts of Interest

Learn more about procedures for SANDAG consultants subject to conflict of interest laws.

Diversity in Small Contractor Opportunities (DISCO) Program

Learn more about the SANDAG DISCO Program.

Current Bids

Please note that after a short transitional period, you will need to register in order to view details about current contracts available.


Advance Notification of Potential Contracting Opportunity - On-Call Consultant Service for Public Private Partnership Projects

Proposals are due by 2/29/2020
ADVANCE NOTIFICATION OF POTENTIAL CONTRACTING OPPORTUNITY In June 2019, the SANDAG Board of Directors adopted Board Policy No. 040: Unsolicited Proposals and Partnership Requests, which provides a high-level policy framework to guide SANDAG responses to unsolicited proposals and partnership requests (unsolicited offers). SANDAG has received four unsolicited offers under the new policy, one of which has progressed through the comprehensive evaluation stage discussed in the policy. SANDAG anticipates it will receive four to five unsolicited proposals per year for which it will need consultant expertise to evaluate. Over a five-year period, this would result in approximately 20 opportunities for SANDAG to contract for consultant service support to evaluate unsolicited offers. In addition to unsolicited offer evaluations, staff believes public private partnership (PPP) proposals for projects on SANDAGā€™s horizon, such as airport connectivity, development of the Otay Mesa East Port of Entry, and technologies that are likely to be included in the Regional Plan, are likely to be submitted to SANDAG over the next five years. SANDAG will require on-hand expertise to evaluate the feasibility, impacts, costs and other factors that would be associated with these development projects. Staff anticipates consultant support in an amount of up to $70 million will be needed for these efforts over the next five years, and that this amount could be significantly surpassed depending upon the complexity and timing of the projects. The SANDAG Board of Directors will be asked to approve of staff issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) for these anticipated needs at its meeting on February 14, 2020. Due to the level of effort SANDAG anticipates proposers will have to make to develop their teams and proposals, this advance notice is being issued. Potential proposers are strongly encouraged to review the attached list of service types and categories that are anticipated for inclusion in the RFP and talk to potential partnering firms over the next two weeks. Contingent upon Board of Director approval, the RFP will be issued in the second half of February 2020. If the RFP proceeds, a Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) goal range will apply and SANDAG will likely hold a pre-proposal meeting to allow for networking among all firms that may partner on proposals, including DBE firms. PLEASE NOTE: SANDAG policy prohibits project managers from speaking to potential proposers about RFPs while they are under development. This policy is meant to ensure a level playing field for potential competitors. If you have questions regarding this potential procurement or have ideas you would like to share about how the solicitation should be crafted to provide the best results, please send all inquiries and comments to: Janet Yeh, Senior Contracts Officer, Please download the Scope of Services (click DETAILS at the end of this paragraph) from the SANDAG website at or by contacting Janet Yeh, Senior Contracts Officer, at Details...