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County Public Health Officials Joined Local Leaders from Every City in the Region to Discuss COVID-19 Impacts at SANDAG Board Meeting Friday

May 1, 2020-- This morning, mayors, city councilmembers, county supervisors, and agency leaders from around the region, who make up the SANDAG Board of Directors, received an update from County Public Health Officers Dr. Wilma Wooten and Dr. Nick Yphantides.

The meeting was called at the request of SANDAG Chair and Poway Mayor Steve Vaus. The SANDAG Board of Directors listened to the update given by the County of San Diego’s top health officials, asked questions, and discussed the information they received.

“SANDAG is in a unique position, as the regional government agency, because it brings together elected leaders from every corner of the county,” said Vaus. “During this difficult time, it is important for us to use our platform and to include our region’s top health and medical professionals so we can work collaboratively to help our communities respond to the COVID-19 crisis.”

Dr. Wooten and Dr. Yphantides spent more than 90 minutes sharing updates on the region’s response to COVID-19. They discussed factors that may determine ongoing and future public health orders meant to flatten the curve and lower the infection rate in the San Diego region. They also discussed how officials determine where testing sites will be set up around the county for everyone to use. 

“We as a region could stand together united as civic, elected, mayoral, supervisorial, and clinical leadership, and say to the community: We hear you; we see the impact this is having on you. We aren't making these decisions lightly,” said Dr. Yphantides.

Since the stay-at-home order due to the pandemic began, SANDAG has taken measures to protect the health and safety of staff, partners, and the general public. SANDAG closed its offices to the public—including the FasTrak Customer Service Center in Otay Mesa—on Monday, March 16. Since then, the majority of staff continue to work remotely to provide essential services to the public and make progress on critical regional projects.

The SANDAG Data Science and Analytics team developed a new series of economic impact reports and forecasts that analyze how COVID-19 has affected employment and the economy. The reports are updated regularly as new information becomes available. 

The SANDAG forecast is a dynamic model that produces 40 potential scenarios based on an array of assumptions, estimates, and factors, such as the length of the pandemic and the severity on the economy. Assumptions are based on the most recent statements and information provided by Federal, State, and local authorities. The forecast also considers changes in legislation to support people and the economy, business decisions, and behavior changes in response to the pandemic. To view SANDAG economic reports, visit .

The SANDAG iCommute program is committed to helping local business make the transition to teleworking.

On Thursday, May 7, at 11 a.m., the SANDAG iCommute program will host a new webinar - Telework Wellness: How to nurture teams and keep morale high - which will focus on best practices for collaboration, connection, and empathy to keep employees positive and productive.

The SANDAG iCommute program has compiled telework resources for employers, including sample policies and employee agreements, guidelines, and FAQs. To learn more and to register for the upcoming webinar, visit

Friday’s SANDAG Board of Directors meeting was conducted virtually in accordance with Governor Newsom’s State of Emergency declaration regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, Executive Order N-29-20, and the Guidance for Gatherings issued by the California Department of Public Health. Board members participated virtually, while practicing social distancing, from individual remote locations.

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