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New SANDAG Report Finds Blacks and Hispanics More Likely to Be Victims or Suspects of Violent Crimes in 2019

June 25, 2020 - Black and Hispanic individuals in the San Diego region who were disproportionately represented as violent crime victims were also more likely to be identified as violent crime suspects, according to a new SANDAG report, San Diego Violent Crime Victims and Suspects in 2019 Black and Hispanic individuals, men, and people ages 18 to 39, were all overrepresented as both violent crime victims and suspects in 2019, compared to their proportion of the population in the San Diego region.

While Black and Hispanic individuals make up 5% and 33% of the region’s population respectively, 13% of violent crime victims in 2019 were Black and 40% were Hispanic.

Black and Hispanic individuals were also overrepresented as violent crime suspects in 2019; 34 - 42% of violent crime suspects in 2019 were Hispanic, and 21- 39% were Black.

“These findings are significant reminders that every crime statistic involves a human being whose life has been impacted in some way,” said Dr. Cynthia Burke, Director of Research and Program Management at SANDAG. “Understanding who is most at risk for being a victim of a violent crime can lead to more informed prevention and outreach, and help experts identify where services may be needed most.”

People between the ages of 18 and 39 were also more likely to be a victim or suspect of violent crime. About one in three San Diego region residents are between the ages of 18 and 39. This age group represented more than half of all violent crime victims (55%) and 55 - 65% of all violent crime suspects in 2019.
Men were also more likely than women to be victims and suspects of violent crime. Men represented 64 - 69% of all violent crime victims, with the exception of rape.

Other notable report findings included:

• Firearms were used in all gang-related homicides, 52% of domestic violence homicides, and 44% of homicides related to an argument
• 87% of Black homicide victims and 77% of Hispanic homicide victims were under the age of 40, compared to victims of White and other races (31% and 45%)
• Nearly 9 in 10 (88%) homicides involving Black victims were related to an argument or gang related activities, compared to 33% for victims of other races, 45% of White victims, and 53% of Hispanic victims
• Around 1 in 4 (27%) White homicide victims were 60 years and older, compared to 9% of victims of other races, and none of the homicide victims over 60 were Black or Hispanic

Read the full report: San Diego Violent Crime Victims and Suspects in 2019

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