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Shift outreach program launches for Golden Triangle construction

July 26, 2017 - With nearly 50 major public and private construction projects underway and planned within the Golden Triangle community over the next five years, SANDAG has launched a public outreach program to provide up-to-date construction information to the community and bring project teams together to minimize impacts.

Named Shift, the program is a partnership with the City of San Diego, University of California San Diego, Metropolitan Transit System and Caltrans. It has been designed to provide residents, businesses and commuters impacted by construction with information and resources to minimize disruption, confusion and potential traffic challenges. The program will also serve as a unique hub for coordination and regular communication between the many construction teams involved with each major project.

“SANDAG heard from the community that a program bringing together the main players in construction and transportation would be an important tool to keep neighborhoods informed,” said Supervisor Ron Roberts, chairman of the Board at SANDAG. “We’re happily fulfilling this need by joining with many of our program partners to form Shift, a program that we hope will be an effective resource for the Golden Triangle community.”

“Living through a multi-year renovation is always easier when you understand the reward that’s waiting for you on the other side,” said Mayor Kevin Faulconer. “And for this community, that reward is a neighborhood that offers a vibrant place to live where multiple modes of transportation are available to connect them with the places they want to go; a neighborhood that supports our vision of San Diego as a city of the future.”

The Shift program will provide up-to-date information about potential travel impacts like traffic, noise, detours and road closures related to construction in the Golden Triangle area at The website includes an interactive project map that allows users to track information about each active and planned project as well as links to transportation resources. Additionally, construction notices regarding planned impacts are aggregated on the website and the @ShiftSanDiego Twitter handle to ensure the community has information available at all times in one convenient place.

Several other tools have also been developed to help people stay engaged and find the information they need, including:

Construction information hotline: 844-SHIFT-SD (844-744-3873)
Twitter: @ShiftSanDiego
Text alerts: Text ShiftSD to 797979

The variety of projects include high-profile transportation infrastructure like the widening of the I-5/Genesee interchange, the Mid-Coast Trolley, several high-rise apartment complexes, cutting-edge university facilities, medical buildings, the Pure Water project and numerous private developments.

While the launch of this outreach effort and project coordination has just begun, Shift has already seen successful results in providing transportation solutions for residents and employers alike so that they can ease their daily commutes. An important component in reducing traffic congestion, Shift serves as a resource for carpooling, vanpooling, biking, walking, taking transit and other mobility options in the Golden Triangle area.

“Our employees have already seen the tangible benefit a program like Shift can bring to our community,” said Christian Florido from Vertex. “With our company-supported use of Shift’s transportation resources we have already helped about 20 percent of our employees connect with easy and affordable alternative ways to get to work.”

For more information on Shift and to sign up for alerts, visit

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For media inquiries, please contact the SANDAG Public Information Office at (619) 699-1950 or