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Traffic Study for Proposed Soccer City Project Completed and Available to the Public

December 1, 2017-- A trip generation study conducted by the SANDAG Service Bureau at the request of both the proponents and opponents of a proposed future redevelopment of the Qualcomm Stadium site – known as Soccer City – has been completed and was released Friday.

The study was commissioned through the agency’s Service Bureau, which performs modeling work for a fee at the request of public and private organizations. SANDAG technical staff completed the analysis using the agency’s activity-based model.

The Service Bureau has facilitated hundreds of similar studies over the last decade. In this case, staff and both parties that requested the study all met together to agree on the land use assumptions for the proposed project used for the model run. In addition, both parties were consulted ahead of additional modeling work and in the development of the final report. Considerable time and effort were taken to address issues raised by the parties during the process. The fee to conduct the study was paid (split evenly) by both parties that requested the work.  

The SANDAG Executive Committee serves as the governing body of the SANDAG Service Bureau and approved the request to perform the study at its May 12 meeting.

“SANDAG’s modeling work is relied on by many public agencies and private developers in the region, and the conclusions in the study released today reflect the project assumptions provided by the clients,” County Supervisor and SANDAG Chair Ron Roberts said. “The SANDAG Executive Committee approved this work as a public service after much deliberation. While the public debate over the project will no doubt continue, SANDAG’s work on this traffic study is now complete.”

The study looked at a redevelopment project that proposed to include the following on the 166-acre site, which includes Qualcomm Stadium, its parking lot and the adjacent practice field: 4,800 residential units, 450 hotel rooms, and 70.4 acres allocated as: stadium/arena (13%), recreational (72%), and park use (15%). The proposed development assumptions also included 3.14 million square feet of non-residential space allocated as: scientific research and development (9%), commercial (24%), and office (68%) use. This mix of development equated to 9,089 residents living on the site and 10,480 individuals traveling to the site for jobs.

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