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Collaboration with Southwestern Riverside County

The Interstate 15 Interregional Partnership (I-15 IRP) is a voluntary compact formed in 2001 between local elected officials representing the Western Riverside Council of Governments, SANDAG, the Riverside County Transportation Commission, and the Riverside Transit Agency, as well as Caltrans and other affected agencies and organizations.

The primary goal of the I-15 IRP is to foster collaborative strategies in economic development, transportation, and housing that will improve the quality of life for residents in both counties by reducing the impacts of interregional commuting. By creating more jobs in housing-rich areas and more housing in jobs-rich areas, workers have more opportunities to live closer to work, reducing the need for long-distance commuting. Centered on I-15, this two-county commute corridor extends from central San Diego to the cities of Lake Elsinore, Perris, and Hemet.

Through various grants, the partner agencies were able to complete three phases of the partnership. The emphasis for Phase III was to develop comprehensive, strategic implementation plans in all three focus areas: transportation, housing and economic development.

In addition, Riverside County serves as an advisory member on the Borders Committee, helping to provide oversight for planning activities that impact the borders of the San Diego region. Staff from SANDAG and Riverside County meet periodically to explore opportunities for continued collaboration.