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Roads and Highways

Through its funding administration and regional planning efforts, SANDAG is working with local, state and national agencies to meet the challenges facing our auto-highway system while preserving the region's quality of life.

Current Roads and Highways Projects

State Route 11 and Otay Mesa East Port of Entry

This innovative project will improve the efficient movement of people, goods, and services between the United States and Mexico.

State Route 905

The completion of SR 905 will provide a critical connection to the Otay Mesa Port of Entry.

SR 78 Corridor Study

Addresses regional and local travel demand within the SR 78 corridor.

I-8 Corridor Study

SANDAG, in collaboration with key stakeholders, is developing a multimodal corridor study for the I-8 corridor within the City of San Diego.

I-5 North Coast Corridor

This 27-mile project will add highway lanes and operational improvements to provide mobility choices for motorists on I-5 in the northern San Diego region.

Regional Arterial Management System

SANDAG assists local agencies in coordinating the implementation of the regionwide traffic signal integration system.

Congestion Management Process

Targets resources to projects that promote alternatives to single-occupant car travel.

State Route 125 Toll Road (South Bay Expressway)

SANDAG purchased the lease to operate the SR 125 toll road in December 2011.

State Route 125 Toll Road (South Bay Expressway)

SANDAG purchased the lease to operate the SR 125 toll road in December 2011.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Manages performance of local and regional transportation systems.

Past Roads and Highways Projects

I-805/I-5 South Corridor Study

In partnership with Caltrans, SANDAG completed a study that recommended multimodal transportation improvements for the I-5 South and I-805 corridors.

SR 52 Grand Opening Event

Approximately 20,000 people attended the community fair and fun walk/run/bike ride on the freeway on Saturday, March 19 celebrating the upcoming opening of State Route 52 between SR 125 and SR 67.

Regional Intermodal Transportation System Management Network and Freeway Management System

During FY 2002, the initial regional Intermodal Network will begin linking the region's transportation management systems for freeways, arterial streets, transit, and traveler information.

Rural Highway 94 Corridor Study

This study evaluated several transportation alternatives to accommodate future traffic flows on the rural Highway 94 corridor and recommended a strategy that combines improvements for roads, ports of entry, and rail cargo service.

San Diego Region-Baja California Cross-Border Transportation Study

This study resulted in the development of a Cross Border Travel Forecasting Model that assists local, state, and federal agencies on both sides of the border to plan highway, major roads, and other transportation infrastructure.

State Routes 67/125 Corridor Study

This study evaluated various transportation improvement options along the State Route 67 corridor in East County.