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The social, health, and financial consequences and costs of drug abuse are important concerns. To target resources appropriately with respect to prevention, intervention, enforcement, treatment, and interdiction, the nature and scope of drug use must be carefully monitored.

Current Drugs Projects

Substance Abuse Monitoring Program

Identifies drug use trends among adult and juvenile offender populations in order to develop prevention strategies.

Past Drugs Projects

HEARTT Methamphetamine Treatment Project

Evaluated two models of outpatient drug treatment for individuals addicted to methamphetamine.

HIV Reduction Project Evaluation

An attempt to reduce the spread of substance abuse-related HIV and other infectious diseases in communities with populations most likely to be at-risk.

Probationers in Recovery Program Evaluation

Aided drug abusers in their recovery by controlling offender behavior.

Jurisdictions Unified for Drug Gang Enforcement Program Evaluation

Evaluated the Jurisdictions Unified for Drug Gang Enforcement Program.


Evaluated the McAlister Institute for Treatment and Educations Beyond Trauma Program.

North County Drug Court - Vivitrol

A pilot project involving Vivitrol, a medication that inhibits an addict from experiencing the high from using alcohol or opiates.

City of San Diego Clean Syringe Exchange Pilot Program

Evaluated the City of San Diego's Clean Syringe Exchange Pilot Program.