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Public Health

SANDAG conducts research and evaluates the effectiveness of public health programs in the San Diego region.

Past Public Health Projects

HIV High Risk Behavior Change Campaign

Development of a message targeted to high-risk individuals in order to prevent HIV infection and evaluatation of its subsequent effectiveness.

Substance Abuse and HIV Prevention in Minority Communities

Evaluation of a program that targeted at-risk youth, families, and the community to receive outreach and education through an integrated curriculum of HIV and substance abuse prevention strategies.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/HIV

During the five-year program, SANDAG conducted a program evaluation and prepared semi-annual reports.

Viral Hepatitis Prevention

An evaluation of the formative, process, and impact evaluations of the project.

North County Drug Court Vivitrol

An evaluation of a pilot project involving Vivitrol, a medication that inhibits an addict from experiencing the high that comes from opiate use.

City of San Diego Clean Syringe Exchange Pilot Program

Evaluated the City of San Diego's Clean Syringe Exchange Pilot Program.