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Transportation Demand Managment

SANDAG operates several commuter service programs in addition to providing database and interactive applications used by area agencies to better inform and serve the commuting public.

Current Transportation Demand Managment Projects

Transportation Demand Management Program

Reducing peak-hour traffic congestion by encouraging the use of transportation alternatives.

TDM Planning Resources

SANDAG offers guidance to local jurisdictions, mobility operators, and the development community on effective transportation demand management policy and strategy implementation.

Collaboration with Local Agencies

SANDAG supports local agencies including cities, transit operators, universities, and the military with transportation demand management planning and pilot project deployment.

TDM Suveys

SANDAG collects data on travel behavior preferences and the impact shared mobility services have on the regional transportation network.

Motorist Aid Services

Services to assist stranded motorists, including the Freeway Service Patrol and the Call Box Program.