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Energy and Climate Change

Climate Action

Climate change is a global issue, and its associated impacts (e.g., increased temperatures, wildfires, heat waves) are being felt locally. Through implementation of San Diego Forward: The 2015 Regional Plan, SANDAG is helping mitigate these climate change impacts in the region while supporting the State’s aggressive climate goals. Several policies and programs are reducing regional greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Development and implementation of the 2021 Regional Plan will help the region continue to meet its climate action goals.

Since 2010, SANDAG has had a Local Government Partnership (LGP) with San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E). Initially, the SANDAG LGP focused on providing no-cost energy engineering technical support to SANDAG member agencies, and established the SANDAG Roadmap Program. In 2016, SANDAG expanded the technical support to include climate action planning, leveraging LGP funding in conjunction with other grants and resources to ensure delivery of comprehensive services. With the LGP concluding at the end of 2020, these diverse funding sources will enable the Roadmap Program to continue providing uninterrupted assistance to SANDAG member agencies.

Regional Climate Action Planning Framework

In recent years, nearly all of the San Diego region’s 19 local governments have adopted a climate action plan (CAP) or are in the process of creating one. Local agency staff members and elected officials communicated that ongoing efforts to adopt, update, and monitor the implementation of their CAPs would benefit from regionally consistent approaches, methodologies, and data sources.

In response, SANDAG collaborated with local agency staff and leading climate planning experts to prepare the Regional Climate Action Planning Framework (ReCAP), which identifies best practices and guidance for preparing CAPs and monitoring implementation over time.

ReCAP establishes a technical framework for regionally consistent climate action planning that preserves local policy flexibility for the unique needs and circumstances of each local jurisdiction. ReCAP comprises a summary document and six technical appendices. The methodologies presented in ReCAP represent the best available science at the time.

Download ReCAP and Technical Appendices (Version 1.1) (ZIP)

Download Archived ReCAP and Technical Appendices (Version 1.0) (ZIP)

ReCAP Snapshots

As part of ReCAP, the ReCAP Snapshots are provided to SANDAG member agencies to help jurisdictions monitor communitywide GHG emissions and/or CAP implementation over time. The ReCAP Snapshots are meant to support, but not replace, a jurisdiction’s efforts to monitor and report on implementation of their individual CAP.

Climate planning activities vary by jurisdiction and are dependent on a variety of factors, such as funding and staff capacity. For jurisdictions without an adopted CAP, the ReCAP Snapshots provide data that can help inform ongoing or future CAP development and/or other sustainability plans and initiatives. 

Following the release of the first ReCAP Snapshots in November 2019, SANDAG plans to provide updated ReCAP Snapshots to participating jurisdiction biannually. 

The City of Coronado has postponed participation in the ReCAP efforts until substantial progress has been made on their CAP. More information on the City of San Diego CAP and County of San Diego CAP can be found on their respective websites.

Download 2018 ReCAP Snapshots (ZIP)

Download ReCAP Social Media Toolkit

Previous Snapshots

November 2019 ReCAP Snapshots (with 2016 GHG Emissions Inventories) (ZIP)

Climate Action Data Portal

The Climate Action Data Portal is an online resource for climate planning data for the San Diego region. The site builds off the guidance provided in ReCAP and provides online access to the greenhouse gas inventory and activity data included in the ReCAP Snapshots.  SANDAG plans to update the Climate Action Data Portal annually with any newly available climate data. The development of the Climate Action Data Portal was primarily funded through a Caltrans grant. 

View the Climate Action Data Portal

For more questions and detailed instructions on how to use the site, view a pre-recorded demo on YouTube of the Climate Action Data Portal.

Local Jurisdictional Services

Climate Action Planning

In 2016, SANDAG began offering climate action planning services to its member agencies through the Roadmap Program. In addition to ReCAP and the ReCAP Snapshots, the climate action planning services include customized technical assistance to develop, implement, and update CAPs with support from consultants and dedicated SANDAG staff at no cost.

Resources prepared with SANDAG Climate Action Planning Services include:

City of Del Mar's Climate Action Plan Implementation Plan

City of Encinitas Climate Action Plan and Implementation Plan

City of Escondido’s Climate Action Plan

City of Solana Beach Climate Action Plan, Implementation Plan, and Implementation Cost Analysis

City of La Mesa Benefit-Cost Analysis (Appendix C of the Climate Action Plan)

City of Oceanside's Benefit-Coast Analysis and Implementation Staff Impact Analysis (supplementary analysis for the Climate Action Plan)

City of Imperial Beach’s Climate Action Plan Technical Support (Appendices A, B, and C)

City of Lemon Grove's Climate Action Plan

City of San Marcos Climate Action Plan

Energy Engineering

Since 2010, the Roadmap Program has provided free energy assessments and energy management plans, or “Energy Roadmaps,” to SANDAG member agencies. Each Energy Roadmap provides a framework for a local government to reduce energy use in municipal operations and in the community, with the goal to enhance economic savings and GHG emissions reductions in support of climate action planning goals and targets. As the Energy Roadmaps were completed for local jurisdictions in the region, the demand to implement them has increased. In 2016, SANDAG began offering additional no-cost technical services, including project management support for energy efficiency retrofits, technical support and procurement assistance, training and recognition feasibility studies, and performance and GHG emissions–reductions monitoring.

Download Energy Roadmaps (ZIP)

Case Study: SANDAG Energy Roadmap Program, 2013

Case Study: SANDAG helps City of Vista Achieve Energy Savings

Case Study: City of San Marcos Realizes Energy Savings with the Help of SANDAG

Project Manager

Jeff Hoyos, Senior Regional Planner
Phone: (619) 699-1932, Email:

For media inquiries, please contact the SANDAG Public Information Office at (619) 699-1950 or