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On-Call Procurement Bench Website Introduction

Welcome to the SANDAG "Bench" of small business firms. The Bench was developed to create opportunities for small and disadvantaged businesses to participate in SANDAG On-Call contracts. Small Business (SB) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) firms are invited to join the Bench to participate in these efforts.

The Bench is composed of firms that are certified as a SB by the California Department of General Services (DGS) or a DBE certified by the California Unified Certification Program (CUCP). The Bench is open to SB and DBE firms that provide a variety of Architecture and Engineering (A&E) and Construction Management (CM) professional services that serve as a pool of certified firms that Prime consultants will be able to access for work on SANDAG projects.

SANDAG encourages the use of Bench firms when developing a consultant team to work on SANDAG projects. The Bench program increases small and disadvantaged business opportunities, promotes and fosters diversity, and acts as a conduit for creating partnerships between large and small firms.

About the Bench

Architecture and Engineering (A&E) Bench

SANDAG executed 15 contracts with an estimated value of $260 million for the On-Call Architecture and Engineering (A&E) Design and Environmental program. The A&E contracts provide consultant services for transportation infrastructure projects in San Diego County including transit system improvements, freeway and bridge enhancements, landscape design, freeway corridors, and other design efforts.

Download a sortable list of A&E Bench firms including a link to Bench member profiles.

What is the SANDAG A&E Bench
Join the A&E Bench Now
Architecture and Engineering Services
Applying for the A&E Bench
2017 A&E Speed Networking Event Presentation

Construction Management (CM) Bench

SANDAG will be contracting for an estimated $200 million in On-Call and Mid-Coast Construction Management (CM) Contracts. The On-Call and Mid-Coast contracts will support transportation projects that include heavy rail, light rail, bus rapid transit, freeways, highways, toll roads, local streets and roads, bikeways, and walkways.

Download a sortable list of CM Bench firms including a link to Bench member profiles.

Creating Partnerships Between Large and Small Firms
Join the CM “Bench” Now!
Construction Management Services
Applying for the CM Bench
2016 CM Speed Networking Event Presentation

Small Business Coordinator

For more information about the Bench program, contact the Small Business Coordinator at or the Small Business Development Manager at