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Solicitation of Applications for Membership on the TransNet Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee

The TransNet Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee (ITOC) is seeking qualified members of the public to fill a vacancy on its seven-member committee in the following category.

* A licensed architect, civil engineer or traffic engineer with demonstrated experience of ten years or more in the field of transportation and/or urban design in government or the private sector.
The ITOC aids in the implementation of the TransNet program, the San Diego region’s half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements. The TransNet program is administered by SANDAG.

As outlined in the TransNet Ordinance and Expenditure Plan, the ITOC provides an increased level of accountability for expenditures of TransNet funds. ITOC members are unpaid, but certain expenses are reimbursed. Due to their public service status, ITOC members must meet strict conflict of interest standards. The ITOC functions in an independent, open, and transparent manner to ensure that all voter mandates are carried out, and develops positive, constructive recommendations for improvements and enhancements to the financial integrity and performance of the TransNet program.

ITOC membership is open to individuals from throughout the region, who possess a set of appropriate professional skills and experience. More detailed information regarding the ITOC and its responsibilities can be found at Individuals interested in applying for this ITOC position should contact SANDAG for an application at or (619) 699-6961, or go to

Applications must be postmarked no later than Friday, March 22, 2019. SANDAG seeks to fill openings on the ITOC with a diverse group of persons who are representative of the community. SANDAG highly encourages applications from persons of all races and economic backgrounds. The newly selected member is anticipated to begin serving at the regularly scheduled ITOC meeting in June 2019.

(Form 700) Statement of Economic Interests